Eos-Family Video Learning Series

ETC-quality training from anywhere

Do you want to know all about your Eos®-family desk, but can't make it to a console-training event? Have you already attended an ETC training event and want to build on what you learned? Or do you want your colleagues or students to brush up on their console knowledge? If you are ready to learn more about your Eos Titanium (Eos Ti®), Gio®, Ion® or Element™ console, the Eos-Family Video Learning Series is for you!

We've taken the same program we do at our console-training events and created an online series of videos with available workbooks so you can experience hands-on ETC training at your pace and at your location. You can learn by simply watching the videos, or optimize your learning experience by adding your lighting desk or a computer running ETCnomad Software (offline client), a computer with visualization software and the downloadable ETC workbook and show file to work along with the videos.

Color Tools

In version 2.3, several major changes were introduced that allow for more complete control color. With the Color Picker open, you can now choose from 6 different Color Spaces, a Gel Picker, Color Fade Path, Tinting Tools, and Spectrum Tools. Check out the Color Tools videos found on the Expert Topics page or by clicking Color Tools Videos