iRFR Technical Support

  • iRFR Product Information

    The iRFR is an application that runs on iPod, iPhone, and iPad devices.  The iRFR is capable of interfacing with the Eos and Congo family of consoles (which include the Eos, Ion, Element, Congo, Congo Jr and Congo Kid).  

    The initial product release required iPhone software version 2.0 or greater and iTunes 8.0 or greater.  

    To use the iRFR, the Eos or Ion console software must be version 1.7 or greater.  An Element console must be running version 1.6 or greater. Congo family consoles must be running at least version 5.1 software or greater.

    There are three versions currently available for the iRFR from the iTunes store: the iRFR Preview App, iRFR LR, and iRFR BTS. The preview is offered for free through the iTunes App Store. Both the LR and BTS versions of iRFR have the same functionality, but the proceeds for each go to a charity -- Light Relief or Behind the Scenes.

    Both versions will connect to an Eos or Congo family console.