Frequently Asked Questions

  • Service FAQs

    When I call ETC Technical Support to discuss my equipment or problem, what information should I have readily available?

    You may not have every piece of the information below but any of it will help us answer your question more quickly!

    • Site Name / Job Number
    • Notification Number (if calling back for assistance with an ongoing inquiry)
    • Repair / Return Order if applicable
    • Type / Model of equipment
    • Serial Number of equipment

    A more comprehensive list of helpful information can be found here: Help Your ETC Technician Help You


    During what stage of a project should I call ETC Technical Phone Support vs. Project Management?

    As soon as a purchase order is sent in, ETC’s project management department takes over and a specific Project Manager is assigned. This Project Manager, with the help of a Project Assistant, will be able to answer any questions you may have through the time of system startup.

    ETC Technical Support is there to assist with questions about installation, programming and troubleshooting while also diagnosing problematic equipment and arranging for repairs/replacements when necessary.


    How do I request an ETC service provider to startup or service my system?

    ETC is happy to assist and provide the best ETC Technician to startup, service and train on your system. For system startup, please use the System Startup Request or SSR form. For console training, please use the Console Training Request or CTR form below. Once you have completed the form, please email it to your ETC project manager or fax it to us at 608-836-1736. We do request at least 3-week notice before beginning the on-site startup, but we are ready to help if your time frame is limited. As soon as a technician is scheduled, the assigned technician will contact the person(s) listed on the SSR to confirm on-site date.

    Console Training Request Form
    System Startup Request Form
    Guide to System Startup

    ETC can also assist you in providing or finding an ETC Technician for both warranty or non-warranty service calls. Please call ETC Technical Services at 1-800-688-4116 to troubleshoot any problems you are having or if you have other questions regarding your ETC system. If we can’t fix it over the phone, we’ll work with you to schedule a technician that best accommodates your needs and schedule. You can also find a technician at one of our many ETC Service Centers by searching in our Find a Dealer locator.


    Who do I contact to set up a repair?

    If you are an end-user please contact ETC Technical Services at 800-688-4116 at which time we’ll diagnose the problem, provide you with a notification number and direct you to an ETC Authorized Dealer.

    If you are a dealer, you can contact ETC Technical Services at 800-688-4116, email or use the E-RMA form on your MYETC account. 


    Who do I contact to check on the status of a repair?

    You can email or call ETC Technical Services at 800-688-4116.


    Does ETC offer a warranty on their equipment?

    Absolutely! ETC offers the same warranty on all of our gear to all of our customers at no extra charge. ETC also provides many services that go above and beyond our warranty. We support every piece of equipment that we’ve ever made with free phone support, repair services, replacement parts, and even loaner gear (when available) - that’s in addition to the standard 2 year warranty for most gear and standard 8 year warranty for Unison gear! You can see the current warranty statement at

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    Dealer/Rep FAQs

    How do I get access to drawings and/or blocks of ETC products?

    ETC Drawings and Icon Blocks are available in AutoCAD on the website under the Documentation tab of each product page.  If you would like to download the entire libraries all at once, you can do that through a MYETC account.  If you don’t have an account yet, you can register for one here.  Once that is done, notify Eric Ostlund to get the drawings linked to your account.  A new library of Bluebeam blocks have been added to the website on the Support and Training page as well as in MYETC.  ETC also offers both AutoCAD 3D blocks and Revit families for most of the products.  


    How do I find tracking information for shipments on various jobs?

    Tracking information on each of your ETC projects can be found on the customer shipment report that is sent to your office each morning after an ETC shipment goes out. This report will include tracking numbers and carrier information when available. Occasionally ETC uses an independent carrier, in this case specific tracking information may not show up on this report. If you have questions on those shipments or where to find your customer shipment report please call a project assistant (PA) or your project manager.


    I am using custom paint colors on a project; how does this affect my delivery timeline?

    ETC is able to match nearly any color you can find. We request that a paint sample or paint number (example: Sherwin Williams #SW 6839) be sent to us as early in the project process as possible. We will have a sample of the requested custom color made in the paint type and finish that will be used for your specific project and send it out to you for approval. This color matching process typically takes up to 2-3 weeks. Once your custom color has been approved and the equipment is released for manufacturing, we will begin the painting process. Like any custom equipment, this will take some extra time; typical lead time is 3-4 weeks. Of course all timelines are flexible and we will do what we can to meet the dates you set. Please contact your project manager to discuss specific timelines on any job you may have that includes a custom paint color.


    What does ETC do with load chart information and why is it important to supply early on in the project? Are there templates I can use to make sure all needed information is supplied?

    When ETC is provided load chart information, we are able to double check how loads are being distributed in the system as well as get an idea of how many circuits are being used per application within a venue. Your project manager or a Systems Support Engineer is also able to double check module types against system intent – this extra set of eyes often helps to spot and prevent potential issues before the project is too far along. The information from the load charts is also passed along to the ETC Technician that will startup your system. With complete and accurate load charts, we will be able to better focus on startup, programming and training of your system and not use that time tracking down load information. Below is a link to load chart templates that can be used to help get you started on compiling a site specific schedule. 

    Load Schedules


    Where can I find a current ETC pricelist?

    The ETC price books are offered to reps and dealers. If you have not done so already, you’ll need to register for a MyETC account. Once that is done you should contact your ETC Customer Service Representative and they will help you get set up with access to it. When those steps are complete, you should be able to see the price book link on the main page of your MyETC account. Any updates or changes are automatically made within MyETC so you can be sure that you always have the most up to date pricing available.


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    General FAQs

    How do I find an ETC dealer in my area?

    There is a complete list of ETC dealers world-wide at


    What is the Applications Engineering Helpdesk and how could it be useful to me?

    The Applications Engineering Helpdesk is a service provided to answer questions regarding product applications, LED compatibility, custom programming for Paradigm or Mosaic or if you are doing something unusual on a project and just want confirmation from ETC that it can be done. The AE Helpdesk is staffed by several electrical  engineers and can be reached by calling 888-908-2183 or by emailing  If your questions are about a current project and you have a project manager assigned, we encourage you to call your project manager first. For pre-sale questions, give us a call. We look forward to working with you!


    Where is the best place to look for information on cable substitutions?

    ETC’s extensive Cable Cross Database contains a list of cables that have been evaluated by the Applications Engineers to determine whether they would be a suitable fit as a replacement for our recommended cables to be used on ETC product.  If you are unable to find the cable you are looking for in the database, please contact the Applications Engineering Helpdesk to see if it is approved or not.  Click the link below to see more details on our recommended cables.


    I have an LED product that I’d like to use on a project. How do I make sure it’s compatible with an ETC dimming system?

    When specifying a particular LED driver or electronic low voltage (ELV) transformer for use with an ETC Dimming System, ETC would like to verify that the device is compatible before installation.  Please check our LED Dimmer Compatibility tests to check whether it has already been tested.  If it has not been tested, then samples can be sent to ETC in order to verify that they are compatible with an ETC Dimming System. If you have any questions regarding compatibility, please call the Application Engineering Helpdesk at 888-908-2183.

    Compatibility Testing Form


    I am contractor who will be installing and providing data terminations for ETC equipment. Where do I get more information on wiring and termination practices for this?

    In addition to our detailed installation manuals on our product pages, ETC has an online class that covers wiring and termination practices for ETC equipment, and YouTube Videos detailing our recommended data termination practices.

    I am installing an ETC system with 0-10V control. Where can I find more information on 0-10V control in ETC Systems?

    ETC has a whitepaper regarding 0-10V control and many helpful articles in our Knowledge base.

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