Prodigy P1

  • P2-300/600/900 Map
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  • Prodigy Fixed-Speed Hoists

    General Purpose Hoists

    The Prodigy™ General Purpose Hoists provide a simple, low cost way to lift heavy scenery or curtains for storage or for production.

    These hoists resolve space and access challenges for schools, nightclubs, houses of worship and other places where there is no mean to access scenery or drapes overhead.

    Product Features

    • Lightweight - less load on the building and easier to install.
    • No additional lateral forces imposed on the building - lateral forces neutralized in the compression tube.
    • Anywhere-positioning of loft blocks along compression tube so lift line placement is not dependent on building structural layout.
    • Programmable QuickTouch® Control Panel with user-friendly LCD readout of hoist "name," hoist function, loading profile and operational status, preset position and current load.
    • Easy limit switch adjustment with LED visible light indicators.
    • Low noise operation.
    • UL Listed
    P800G 800lbs None Up to 76'
    P1300G 1300lbs None Up to 76'
    P1900G 1900lbs None Up to 76'
    Prodigy Fixed-Speed Hoists

    Stage & FOH Electrics Hoists

    The Prodigy™ Fixed Speed Stage Electrics hoists provide a low-cost way to lift heavy lights for storage or for production. They are especially useful for front of house where the extreme low profile of the system allows the hoist and cable management system to disappear into the plenum in the smallest space requirements in the industry.

    Product Features

    • Compact Cable Management System - Front of house and stage electrics hoists store in 30" of height yet feed up to 48 20-Amp circuits.
    • Unique Prodigy Hybrid Drum - Powerhead manages up to 7 liftlines plus one operational line for cable management in a machine 1/3 the size of other hoists.
    • Higher Duty Cycles - Minimal braking pressure significantly reduces brake pad temperature and increases duty cycle of the hoist.
    • Prewired connector strip for up to 48 20-Amp circuits with up to 2 DMX or a CAT5 outlet.
    P650E 650lbs Up to 48 Up to 76'
    P1000E 1000lbs Up to 48 Up to 76'
    P1500E 1500lbs Up to 48 Up to 76'
    Prodigy Fixed-Speed Hoists

    Houselight Hoists

    The Prodigy™ Houselight Hoist can span the width of the auditorium, allowing houselights to be placed anywhere over a 105' width. The distro trough may be lowered (with a push of a button) for re-lamping or servicing the houselight fixtures. The unique cable management system allows this hoist to be easily hidden between the clouds of the auditorium ceiling.

    Product Features

    • Barriered Wiring Trough (optional) for separate houselight and emergency lighting circuits.
    • DMX or Ethernet data wiring available.
    • Built-in Limit Switches and Encoders with visual setting indicators for more efficient installation.
    • Load-profiling.
    • Built-in slack line detector standard on all hoists.
    • Easy limit switch adjustment with visible LED light indicators.
    • Distribution strip supports the Pantograph and manages flat feeder cable.
    P800G 800lbs None Up to 105'
    P1300G 1300lbs None Up to 105'
    P1900G 1900lbs None Up to 105'