Prodigy P1

  • P2-300/600/900 Map
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  • Prodigy V1000S Variable Speed Hoists

    Prodigy Low Profile Hoists provide a safe, fast, efficient way to move scenery, stage drapes, projection screens and other elements during performances. These hoists are designed to safely move backstage loads and even front-of-house battens above the audience, performers and technicians at speeds from 0 to 180 feet per minute.

    The hoist design minimizes the space required for machinery. The Powerhead is more than 50% shorter than competing systems and can yield at least 40% less force on the structure than competing systems.

    ETC's Prodigy variable speed hoist is manufactured to operate from 0 to 180 feet per minute with overall hoist capacities of 1200 pounds and Working Load Limits (WLL) of 1000 pounds.

    Product Features

    • Lightweight - less load on the building and easier to install.
    • No additional lateral forces imposed on the building - lateral forces neutralized in the compression tube.
    • Anywhere-positioning of the loft blocks along Compression Tube so lift line placement is not dependent on building's structural layout.
    • May be attached to almost any structure, including bar joists, that can support the weight of the hoist + lifted load and stopping forces.
    • Operated via programmable, multi-function Foundation Controller
    • Easy limit switch adjustment with visible LED indicators
    • Low noise operation