Foundation Server

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Foundation Server

Rigging control on a whole new level

The Foundation® Server is the perfect fit for installations requiring more control than a traditional Foundation system can offer, with its ability to manage up to 192 axes of control. With the Foundation Server, you can connect up to two main Foundation controllers, two Foundation Handheld Remotes, two Foundation Clients and 12 external E-stops, for a convenient, scalable system.

The Server gives you the familiar Foundation user interface, along with additional code to handle Server configurations and manage communication to your hoists and safety electronics. The Server software is part of the Foundation Server processor, and safety features are part of the Foundation Safety Node. Communication to the hoists is provided through Foundation MCX Nodes.

While one controller actively runs hoists, the other control surfaces can be utilized to view or edit data. The Foundation Server can be operated using only a Handheld Remote, giving you the freedom to run your machinery away from the control station in any line-of-sight position. It also allows external E-stops to be independently identified.

ETC’s dedication to rigging safety is on display in the Foundation Server, which can be available with European SIL-3 (Safety Integrity Level) and SIL-2 rated safety functions.