Sensor IQ Intelligent Breaker System

Sensor IQ Intelligent Breaker System

Power control for the next generation

The Sensor® IQ Intelligent Breaker System is a top-of-the-line, go-to power-control solution for modern lighting systems. Housed in a compact footprint with a built-in sequencer and available isolated ground bar, Sensor IQ offers total system power control of entertainment and architectural lighting, video projection and audio systems. Sensor IQ can dim a wide range of low-voltage loads using available 0-10V or DALI control cards. Sensor IQ is also available in 240V and 277V panels that provide one-pole 15-, 20-, and 30-amp hydraulic-magnetic breakers, ideal for providing lighting and power control for large facilities such as arenas, stadiums, museums, and convention centers.

A truly intelligent breaker

Sensor IQ delivers switching with data reporting for one-, two-, and three-pole circuits. Available in 15- to 30-amp versions, Sensor IQ’s hydraulic-magnetic breakers are tuned for high inrush trip curves, matching their Sensor family heritage, and are designed not to trip under full load. Its convenient manual on/off lever lets you reset the circuit without requiring active power to the cabinet.

ETC-level lighting control

The Sensors IQ’s intuitive web UI lets users quickly and easily configure and monitor Sensor IQ panels over Ethernet. It delivers circuit-by-circuit live reporting of current load, relay and breaker status, control source, and more within a standard web browser. With configurable prioritization of sACN and DMX signals, timed events, and architectural sources, Sensor IQ can meet precise system control requirements.

Less wiring, less hassle.

The Sensor IQ 120V breaker panel can be mounted nearly anywhere. With a footprint less than 15 in wide and no low voltage breaker wiring required, installation is incredibly easy. Sensor IQ is available in 12-, 24-, and 48-circuit models that can be easily surface-mounted on any standard wall, or flush-mounted between standard 16-inch studs (12- and 24-circuit systems only).

Meeting the highest standards

Sensor IQ 120V, 240V and 277V are UL and cUL listed to UL67, UL508 and UL924 standards. With the addition of a UPS Control Backup Wiring Kit, the Sensor IQ also supports load shedding when used in emergency lighting applications. The UPS kit allows the control processor to be powered via an external UPS (provided by others) to ensure that loads are shed prior to energization by an emergency source.

Sensor IQ Intelligent Breaker System
Features and Accessories
  • 120/240V bi-phase, 120/208V three-phase, 277/480V three-phase, and 240/415V three-phase mains input options
  • Main lug, main fuse, and main circuit breaker options
  • Top or bottom mains feed input
  • Intelligent 20-amp 120V breakers are suitable for plug load control
  • Standard IQ breakers without integrated relays are available for supplying outlets, appliances, and other non-controlled loads
  • Two- and three-pole handle tie kits are available for use with 120 V multiwire branch circuits
  • Branch circuit fuse boxes, which an electrical engineer may require for selective coordination of loads, are available in 6-, 12-, and 24-fuse enclosures that match the footprint of the IQ panel.
  • IQ panels can also be paired with a Source Four Dimmer to dim theatrical tungsten fixtures.