Echo Relay Panels

  • Redefining power control

  • Unleash your architectural creativity with power distribution that can control all load types.

    The Echo Relay Panel Mains Feed distributes 300W phase-adaptive dimming, forward-phase dimming for magnetic loads, and switching. It also has optional 0-10V or DALI low voltage control for full flexibility in designing your lighting control system. Five available slots in the integrated breaker panel provide additional flexibility for supporting constant power outlets, additional Echo Zone or Room Controllers, or even subfeeding additional panels.

    The phase-adaptive and forward-phase dimmers in the Echo Relay Panel are designed to maintain the industry's highest performance standard for consistent dimming of LED loads. At 120V you can freely mix and match phase-adaptive and forward-phase dimmer modules, as well as one-, two-, or three-pole relay modules, making the ERP much more than an ordinary relay panel.

    The Echo Relay Panel Mains Feed has a built-in timeclock for automating systems, and can also store presets to be recalled from the Echo control system. It also natively supports up to six Echo control products and five additional Echo output products integrated over the EchoConnect control network.

    The cabinet accepts mains power feed directly, saving on space, installation costs, and headaches. Only 365 mm wide, the Echo Relay Panel Mains Feed is narrow enough to fit between standard studs and can be recessed with custom framing or surface mounted. All panels display breaker state, relay state and energy usage per branch circuit.

    The Unison Echo Relay Panel Mains Feed answers the call for more inventive power distribution in today's advanced lighting systems, giving you all the features and flexibility you could ask for.

    *Available globally for non-CE applications

  • Echo Relay Panel Mains Feed