Automatic Load Control Relay

Automatic Load Control Relay

A simple and smart energy solution for emergency lighting systems

In a time of energy consciousness, ETC's Automatic Load Control Relay (ALCR) offers a simple and smart way to reduce overhead energy costs.  

The ALCR is a UL924 emergency lighting device that allows a single light, or zone of emergency lights, that are typically always on, to be controlled under everyday non-emergency circumstances, while forcing emergency lights on when normal power is lost or a fire alarm is activated. For increased safety and visibility, after a state of emergency is over and normal lighting is recovered, an optional delay (between 0-15 minutes) can be programmed to hold the emergency lighting state prior to returning to normal control as people exit or enter through normally dark areas.   

Automatic Load Control Relay

The ALCR is available in two models: Power Pack (ALCR-PP) and DIN (ALCR-DIN). The DIN model functions the same as the PP model and is designed specifically for 0-10V fixtures and ballasts.

Product Features 

  • Forces emergency lighting on during loss of normal power 
  • Monitors fire alarm or other external triggers to force emergency lighting on 
  • Under normal conditions, the ALCR enables emergency lighting to track the state of normal lighting 
  • Emergency lights can be forced to stay on for up to 15 minutes after emergency state is cleared 
  • DIN rail version also supports 0-10V dimmed fixtures to be used in emergency lighting by forcing the control line to "full on" 
  • UL Listed