Automatic Load Control Relay

Automatic Load Control Relay

A simple and smart solution for emergency lighting systems

In a time of energy consciousness, ETC's Automatic Load Control Relay (ALCR) offers a simple and smart way to reduce the overhead energy costs of emergency lighting.

The ALCR allows emergency lighting fixtures, which are typically always on, to be controlled under everyday non-emergency circumstances. When normal power is lost or a fire alarm is activated, the ALCR bypasses normal control and forces the emergency lighting fixtures on full. A configurable delay between 0-15 minutes can be programmed to hold the emergency lighting look after the state of emergency is over or normal power is restored.  

Automatic Load Control Relay

The ALCR is a UL 924 Listed emergency lighting device for control of a single, 120/277 V circuit rated for a maximum of 20 A for electronic loads and 10 A for magnetic or incandescent loads. Available in DIN rail mount (ALCR-DIN) and Power Pack (ALCR-PP-Mk2) options, both models support control bypass for 0-10 VDC fixtures. This will support fixtures that switch to full brightness upon loss of an incoming data signal. The Power Pack model also offers a second 0-10 V circuit for tunable white fixtures and a separate DMX passthrough for use with DMX-controlled fixtures for DMX that breaks the control signal in an emergency state.

Product Features 

  • Bypasses normal lighting control and forces emergency lighting on full when it senses the loss of normal power 
  • A single loop jumper (normally closed, dry contact closure) is provided to connect a remote triggering device such as a fire alarm or building management system, forcing the emergency lighting on full in an emergency state, even when normal power is not lost 
  • Enables emergency lighting fixtures to be controlled along with normal lighting fixtures under non-emergency conditions 
  • Configurable time delay, allows you to keep emergency lighting on for up to 15 minutes after the emergency state is cleared (allowing for normal lighting warmup periods)
  • Supports use with:
    • Single-channel 0-10 VDC fixtures (ALCR-DIN/ALCR-PP-Mk2)
    • Tunable white 0-10 VDC fixtures (ALCR-PP-Mk2)
    • DMX-controlled fixtures (ALCR-PP-Mk2)
  • UL 924 Listed for Emergency Lighting Control