Road-ready, budget-friendly dimming

ETC's SmartModule combines a proven dimmer design with portable packaging to provide yet another economical Smart Solution. Available with either six 1200W dimmers or four 600W dimmers, SmartModule comes in a convenient convection-cooled package, with your choice of output connectors. An integrated control module includes local control capabilities and 20 preprogrammed chases for unattended operation. Each dimmer curve may be changed at the control module, which also provides a DMX in and thru Connector. Combine SmartModule with SmartBar for affordable 'anywhere dimming, anytime  


Available OutputsEdisonStagePinTwist-lock

Product Features 

  • 4x6A or 6x10A dimmers 
  • Single-phase 2-wire plus ground, 20A feed for the 6A unit 
  • Three-phase 4-wire plus ground, 20A feed for the 10A unit 
  • Choice of output connectors: Stage Pin, Edison, Twist-Lok (10A only) 
  • Load protection per dimmer - fuses (6A) or circuit breakers (10A) 
  • Stand-alone operation with chase sequences 
  • Programmable functions such as min/max levels, fadetimes, non-dim operation, dimmer curves and back-up settings 
  • Convection cooled for silent operation