Network & Output Devices

  • Designed to be plug and play with any Eos-family or Cobalt-family control system

    Don't let your control design be limited by physical cabling restrictions! The Net3™ Show Control Gateway is a network data distribution device designed to take advantage of the quality and reliability of ETC's network development.

  • The Net3 Show Control Gateway is a native Ethernet device that provides bidirectional communication with other Net3 devices, by forwarding MIDI and SMPTE signals over the lighting network. Multiple Show Control Gateway connections can now simultaneously provide you access to multiple SMPTE and MIDI Time Code sources, as well as a connection for MIDI show control.

    The Net3 Show Control Gateway is available for use as a table-top unit, rack-mount or pipe-mount device.

    Product Features

    • Send and Receive MIDI Time Code over Ethernet
    • Send and Receive SMPTE Time Code over Ethernet
    • Integrated LCD displays status and configuration information
    • Compact design supports tabletop or touring configurations
    • ANSI E1.17 ACN protocol compatible
    • Configured using Gateway Configuration Editor (GCE) or directly from ACN
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