Power Distribution

Pigtail and Outlet Boxes

Engineered for easy customization

Every installation is unique. ETC gives you the individual attention you need: prompt quotes, customized drawings, and customized product.

Our Pigtail and Outlet Boxes have been engineered for easy customization, shipment installation and service. We even take innovation down to the packaging itself - protecting boxes until the moment they are installed, and making installation easier as well. Face it, in a box full of wires everything is a detail. And we love our details: revolutionary tension-clamp terminals for reliability and installation speed; heavy-duty endcaps with easy-access starter holes; connector strips and outlet boxes with uniform look for aesthetic appeal; and finally, one screwdriver fits all (all screws are #2 Phillips).

Product Features

  • Four low-profile sizes (6", 12", 18", 24")
  • Dense versions - 1.25" spacing (3-8 circuits, Stage Pin only)
  • Recessed, surface, U-bolt and C-clamp mountings
  • 14-gauge steel end caps
  • Terminals included with pigtail boxes
  • Choice of connector types
  • Wall pockets available (up to 6 circuits)