Power Distribution

Retractable Lighting Position (RLP)

Offers flexible lighting positions when you need it

Trying to avoid permanent lighting positions and yet still need a few lights for special events? The RLP offers a flexible option -- an extra lighting position and power for a few additional lights when needed.

Retractable Lighting Position (RLP)

Accommodating up to four lights, the RLP provides the perfect lighting solution for multipurpose rooms, ballrooms, and even churches. When it's not needed, the RLP conveniently and easily withdraws into the ceiling, out of sight.

Product Features

  • Two positions - stored and working
  • Finger-operated latch with counter balance for ease of motion
  • Four outlets - Stage Pin, Twist-Lock, or Edison connectors
  • Replace any one outlet with DMX connector
  • All wiring housed inside
  • Rated for 1000 pounds