Welcome to Eos!

  • So you’re new to Eos programming... 

    Whether you’ve just purchased a console moved to a new venue, or are simply interested in learning a vibrant and powerful lighting control system, we’ve got the resources to get your started.

    Get the Software

    New Users - ETCnomad

    No console? No problem. Simply down the latest (free!) Eos software for Mac or PC to get started.

    Once installed on your Mac or PC, Eos Family software is full-featured - giving you complete access to all the professional tools of a console. Need to do more than prep your show file? Add an ETCnomad USB key and output device to control your lighting system directly, or to link up to another console. 

    Teaching or learning with Eos?

    If you’re a student or an educator, the ETCnomad Education Package provides access to a discounted ETCnomad and Gadget II bundle – everything you need for your very own, portable lighting control system. Also be sure to check out this resource page for using Eos as a teaching tool

    Setup Guides

    Click on the console you have to see the setup guide to get you going.

    Eos Family manual - Online

    Eos Family manual


    Start with the basics

    New Users - Learning Series

    Free online tutorials

    Our Eos Family Learning Series offers in-depth workbooks and video tutorials covering everything from the basics (patching, writing cues) to Expert Topics (show control, 3D programming with Augment3d). You can download the workbook and show files, and program along at your own pace.

    If you’re new to Eos, start with Level 1! 

    In-Person events and training

    You can also check for in-person training sessions in your region. 

    Video library

    Need a crash-course in why consoles and networks work the way they do? Check out these fun videos (and more) on our YouTube channel.

    Join the Discussion

    If you have questions as you start your Eos journey, there are lots of places to get answers. 

    Eos Forums 

    The Eos Family forums are monitored by ETC’s in-house product experts and host a decade and a half’s worth of questions and answers about all aspects of Eos. Browse existing topics or create your MyETC account to post your own query. There’s also a special forum for Augment3d

    Enroll in Study Hall 

    Your MyETC login will also get you access to Study Hall, where you can register for virtual seminars and educational events. Past Eos-related Study Hall sessions are posted to YouTube, with a special playlist devoted to Eos-related content.  

    Outside resources 

    The ETC Eos Family Console Programmers Facebook group, run by dedicated Eos end-users, is a vibrant venue for professional advice, technical troubleshooting, and banter. (Note: This closed group requires approval by the moderators to join, and it is not officially affiliated with ETC.)

    Dive deeper

    Ready to become an expert? Once you’ve mastered the basics, check out our continuing-education resources for Expert Topics video tutorial course and practice projects

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    Explore Eos Family user resources at the Eos [Home]