ColorSource Consoles

Control your rig - with style

With moving lights, LEDs and multimedia appearing in more and more shows, even small venues need a board that can handle an intelligent rig - intelligently.

ColorSource 20 and ColorSource 40

ColorSource 20 and ColorSource 40

Available in two sizes, ColorSource® consoles provide hands-on control designed for the latest technology. These affordable, portable desks specialize in streamlined, plug-and-play setup; the onboard fixture library makes traditional patching easy, and the console has the ability to recognize RDM-capable devices in the rig and auto-populate them in patch. Simply use the on-board touchscreen to drag each fixture into place on a customizable stage map, and you’ll be programming in minutes. Whether you’re recording cues or working on the fly, these consoles have you covered, with faders that can be used to play back looks and effects or to mix the perfect color in your LED lights.

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ColorSource 40 AV

ColorSource 20 AV and ColorSource 40 AV

Is your booth clutter getting out of control? Simplify your setup with a ColorSource AV console. These handy desks come equipped with HDMI and audio output, so you can run sound cues, images, interactive Video Toy effects, sound-to-light effects and lighting cues from the same, compact device.

Offline Editor

Offline Editor

With ColorSource offline editor, ColorSource users can prep their patch, write cues, and program effects without needing to be in front of the physical console. Users can edit their show, create show files on their computer, and transfer them to any ColorSource console via a USB drive.


To use the ColorSource offline editor, PC users must be running Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10, have a screen resolution of at least 1920x850, and DirectX9/OpenGL 3.0 or better. Mac users need to have OS X version 10.12 (Safari) or better.

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