Foundry Phase-Adaptive Dimmer

Foundry Phase Adaptive Dimmers

The Unison Foundry™ Phase-Adaptive Dimmer provides smooth reverse- or forward-phase dimming for multiple types of lighting loads up to 600 Watts. The Foundry Phase-Adaptive Dimmer accepts DMX control in, and is remotely configurable via RDM. Like all of the Foundry line, the Phase-Adaptive Dimmer fits perfectly with Unison Paradigm® or Mosaic® to give you the power to create an economical, distributed lighting control system.  

Dimming for all devices

With forward- and reverse-phase capability Foundry Phase-Adaptive Dimmers have the power and finesse to reliably handle nearly any load. The compact footprint, plenum rating and easy-to-install nature of the Foundry power pack design makes it easy to build or expand your system by putting power control exactly where you need it without breaking the bank. The recommended Belden 9729 or Cat5e control wiring means it will fit easily into a contractor’s workflow. Supported cable runs up to 1,000 feet (300m) provide installers with the flexibility to navigate tight ceiling spaces.

DMX Connection
Product Features:
  • 600W forward- or reverse-phase dimming for electronic low-voltage loads
  • DMX512A control input
  • Remote configuration over RDM
  • Local push-button configuration controls
  • Plenum rated and designed for simple j-box installation