Echo Integration Interface

Echo Integration Interface

Today’s lighting systems need to interact with external equipment for an easy and intuitive user experience. The Echo Integration Interface (EII) adds advanced networking protocols to your Echo control system, allowing it to seamlessly integrate with other control equipment, like third-party AV systems, for simultaneous lighting control with audio and video presets.

The Integration Interface does this by providing simple, bidirectional communication of User Datagram Protocol (UDP) string commands for control and status of preset and zone levels in Echo spaces. Other systems can then send commands, query the system, or “subscribe” to system updates, all using UDP.

Responding to a query, Echo can communicate what state a space or zone is in by sharing zone intensity, preset or off status, and sequence status. When other systems subscribe to updates, the EII will transmit status changes any time an enabled space’s status is changed. This allows external, third-party gear to always stay aware of the Echo system state.

The EII allows for more than just information sharing, too. With the Echo Integration Interface, users can set zone intensity, turn devices off, select presets, and even initiate and deactivate sequences – all from third-party devices. For example, AV touchscreens can monitor the lighting, and users can select presets from the AV system interface that Echo will carry out.

Product Features

  • Bi-directional UDP communication.
  • Reports real-time Echo system status
  • Integrates Echo lighting system into third-party control systems

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