Echo BACnet

Echo BACnet

Echo BACnet Interface

Architectural installations are adopting the BACnet building management protocol, using the protocol for integration of HVAC, shutters, A/V systems – and lighting. The Echo BACnet interface provides a simple-to-implement interface for Echo control systems to integrate with a BACnet IP capable system. With the BACnet Interface, Echo systems can receive lighting commands, share occupancy and system status, and more. 

The Echo BACnet interface provides status for all Echo control points. Control commands can also be sent to the Echo system for building wide overrides and control, including presets, or placing a space into a timed event hold.

Product Features
  • Reports real-time Echo system status
  • Reporting of all Echo control points to a BACnet IP Controller
  • Integrates Echo lighting system into building-wide monitoring and management systems
  • Accepts standard BACnet control commands