Echo Contact Interfaces

Demand Response is a key component of “Smart Grid” policies and energy codes at the national, state, and local level, designed to increase efficiency and conserve energy. Many lighting systems must be able to automatically react to a Demand Response directive to reduce energy usage. The Demand Response Interface ensures your Echo system is fully capable of implementing Demand Response triggers from a BMS or other ADR source.

One Demand Response Interface will send lighting instructions across an entire Echo system. Users can program how individual spaces, and zones in each space will react. The ETC EchoAccess app sets dimming level caps and relay states for spaces, zones, and even individual scene controllers with ease.

The Demand Response Interface accepts a wet or dry contact interface and sends the command across an entire Echo system, up to 16 spaces. There are also solutions to support OpenADR compatibility, if required.

Product Features:

  • Meets requirements for Demand Response in California Title 24, IEEE, and ASHRAE
  • Supports maintained closure
  • Set Demand Response looks with EchoAccess app

Demand Response Interface