Echo Contact Interfaces

Distributed system integration

The Echo Contact Interfaces are available in 4-input or 4-output versions that provide simple and seamless integration with other control systems. The Echo Contact Input Interface (ECII) accepts wet or dry contacts and uses the closure to execute lighting actions in your Echo system. The Echo Contact Output Interface (ECOI) provides triggers to control external devices. Additionally, the output interface can send Echo system control status, enhancing communications with building management systems. The Echo Contact Interfaces bring high-performance integration and abilities to a budget-friendly system.

Input with ease

Outputs for greater control
and communication 

Echo Contact Input InterfacEcho Contact Output Interface

Wet and dry contacts allow the Echo Contact Input Interface to accept inputs from simple or advanced systems and turn them into actions. Anything from a toggle switch to a command from an enterprise-wide AV system can trigger the Contact Input Interface. Programming using the EchoAccess® mobile app allows the trigger to be configured to suit the needs of any system. For example, a partition sensor can sense whether an air wall is open or closed and trigger your Echo control system to combine spaces. 

The Echo Contact Output Interface offers powerful expanded capabilities. The interface can trigger external actions like shade control or powering on a projector. It can also be used to communicate the state of the system to third-party systems and software like an AV- or building-management system.

Input Interface Features:
  • Accepts wet or dry contacts
  • Dedicated Demand Response variant available
  • Supports momentary or maintained closures (per input)
  • Programmable using EchoAccess mobile app
  • 24VDC power input
Output Interface Features:
  • Configurable outputs support normally open or normally closed operation (per output)
  • Send contact to third-party systems for integration
  • Programmable through EchoAccess mobile app
  • 24VDC power input