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Quality light for any space

Pro Multi-Cell luminaires are built to last and are available in several styles, including two-, four- and eight-cell versions. The Pro Two- and Four-Cell luminaires are a great choice for short- and medium-throw illumination, while the Pro Eight-Cell luminaire is designed for high-bay, wide-angle installations.

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All Pro Multi-Cell luminaires include convection cooling, ensuring 100% silent operation for quiet and intimate spaces, such as auditoriums, concert halls, art galleries and museums. With a high quality light having a CRI over 90, the option of beautiful Fade to Warm technology and a variety of color-temperature options, Pro Multi-Cell luminaires are a must-have for every installation. A cord connected option is available for 100-240V projects requiring a flexible installation method, while a hard-wired version is available for permanent installation applications requiring a wider voltage range of 100-277V.

ArcSystem Pro Two-Cell

Pro Two-Cell

The ArcSystem Pro Two-Cell is a small, narrow luminaire ideal for short throws and small spaces.

ArcSystem Pro Four-Cell Square

Pro Four-Cell Square

This compact luminaire brings brilliant light to medium- and long-throw applications where hanging space is limited.

ArcSystem Pro Four-Cell Linear

Pro Four-Cell Linear

This form factor fits easily between architectural beams and acoustic panels. The Pro Four-Cell delivers high-quality light in medium- to long- throw installations.

ArcSystem Pro Four-Cell Round

Pro Four-Cell Round

Expect high output and smooth dimming from this luminaire, perfect for medium- to long-throw illumination. The Pro Four-Cell Round includes a half-inch captive nut or M10 mounting plate for multiple hanging options.

ArcSystem Pro Four-Cell Pendant

Pro Four-Cell Pendant

For an elegant form factor, the Pro Four-Cell Pendant includes a stem kit with canopy. The Pendant offers stem lengths ranging from 6 to 96 inches (0.15-2.4M), with custom lengths available.

ArcSystem Pro Eight-Cell

Pro Eight-Cell

The Pro Eight-Cell is the largest of the Pro Multi-cell options, providing long-throw, wide-angle illumination ideal for high ceiling bays.