Pro Multi-Cell

  • S P E C I F I C A T I O N S
    • Wired DMX
    • Stepless, smooth dimming to absolute zero
    • Convection cooled
    • Fan-free, silent operation
    • Available in a dual-input emergency version
    • High-grade, narrowly binned LED emitters
    • CRI (color rendering index) = 90+
    • 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K, and Fade to Warm color-temperature options
    • 19°, 24°, 37° and 60° beam-angle options
    • Excellent thermal management ensures the LEDs will meet anticipated 50,000-hour life cycle
    • Four-Cell Square, Round, Pendant, & Linear: up to 8,598 field lumen output
    • Eight-Cell Square & Linear: up to 17,190 field lumen output
    • Recessed aluminum reflectors for minimal glare
    • Onboard driver
    • Less than 3W quiescent load
    • High-frequency dimming control
    • Switched IEC input (standard version)
    • Dual, hardwired cable input (emergency version)
    • DMX over CAT5 using NEUTRIK® etherCON®
    • High-grade aluminum and steel construction
    • Fine-texture, high-temperature, powder-coated paint finish


    A dual-input emergency version of this luminaire is available. Emergency luminaires have two line voltage leads that are wired to the luminaire and have the following functions

    • Normal power
    • Emergency power (hot, neutral and earth)

    Note: Input 2 (emergency power) must be wired in fire-rated cable to the luminaire connection point. Please consult with a qualified electrical engineer for correct installation procedures.

    Emergency Connection

    If normal power has been lost, the luminaire will be forced into a full-on state running from the emergency power supply. There is no control of the luminaire until normal power is turned back on.