Prodigy P2

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    • If you thought that the safety, convenience and flexibility of an automated hoist system was out of reach because of the size of your budget or your venue, think again. The Prodigy P2 hoist system brings you the performance of the ETC Prodigy® family, at a price that defies its 650-pound lifting capacity.

    • Family values

      P2 inherits the core features from P1 and EXO hoists, such as eight 3/16” lift lines, 50 feet of travel, load cell, slack line detection, positioning encoder, and the option to use our revolutionary compression tube technology or traditional rigging styles. But weighing just 300 pounds (powerhead only) with a 650-pound load capacity, P2 is smaller, lighter and faster. You can use it on its own or use it as a less expensive companion with other larger-capacity hoists for a proportionally appointed system.

      Safety first

      Less expensive doesn’t mean less safe. P2 uses a self-locking worm-gear system as a secondary load-arresting device to ensure that the hoist stops when you want it to.

    • Easy does it

      P2’s smaller size and simpler powertrain system make for even simpler installation than the Prodigy P1 – so easy that two people could manage it in record time. The system can be mounted in any orientation and has multiple bracket solutions available to fit your specific application.


      You can choose to use P2 with the same unique compression tube that the P1 hoist has, or it can be used like the EXO hoist, without a compression tube. When it is used with a compression tube, P2 features the Prodigy cable-management system that keeps its lines running smoothly all the time, and delivers cancellation of horizontal loads, and flexible loft-block positioning.

  • Prodigy P2

  • CE Compliant

    *Powerhead only