Prodigy EXO Hoist

P2-300/600/900 Map
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Prodigy EXO Hoist

Raising the bar

The Prodigy EXO Hoist can be installed in almost any space, in almost any position. The unique external structure allows the powerhead to be mounted upright (standing on top of the grid), underhung (suspended below the grid or roof structure), or vertically (attached to the side wall of the stage). EXO Hoists may also be mixed in with counterweight tee guides on the side of the stage. This flexibility allows for denser placement of line sets so battens can be located as close as eight inches on center, even if all the powerheads are located on one side of the stage. Prodigy EXO(-skeleton) hoists utilize essentially the same powerheads manufactured for traditional Prodigy Hoists, which permit the installation of a motorized rigging system in nearly any location that can support the weight of the powerhead and the forces created by lifting the scenery, lights, drapes and other suspended loads.

Prodigy EXO Hoist

These hoists are perfect for modernizations and new construction in which the stage structure contains traditional loft block wells that are eight to 12 feet on center, and a sufficient headblock beam or stage side wall is able to support the forces created within the rigging system.

Prodigy EXO Hoists pair with traditional upright or underhung loft blocks that can be mounted on standard loft block beams or wells.

Prodigy EXO Hoists can resolve space and access challenges for schools, nightclubs, houses of worship, community theaters and other places where powerheads must be installed upright or vertically.

With motorized hoists like Prodigy, there is no need for workers to climb ladders or scaffold to install or remove lighting, scenery or drapes. The motorized battens can be lowered to working level to allow workers to easily install and service equipment at a comfortable height, and then raised to performance or storage positions high above the stage floor. Even traditional stage lighting distribution systems can be installed with Prodigy EXO.  

SoftLift™ technology. EXO Prodigy hoists now have the option of ETC SoftLift technology, which essentially eliminates worrisome shuddering while lifting or lowering heavy scenery, such as acoustic shells. Batten travel speeds ramp up as they begin to move and then slow down as they come to a stop, making scene transitions smooth and effortless.

Prodigy EXO Hoists are manufactured in a family of sizes and capacities from small capacity fixed-speed house light maintenance hoists, up to machines that carry heavy loads at rapid speeds.

Product Features

  • Prodigy EXO Powerheads can be installed upright, underhung or vertically
  • Prodigy EXO Hoist systems utilize traditional loft blocks mounted on structurally sufficient loft block beams and wells
  • Prodigy EXO Hoist systems are rated by their motor capacity
  • Powerheads are lightweight, ranging from 365 to 580 pounds
  • Powerheads are about one-third the length of other manufacturers' fixed- and variable-speed hoists
  • In addition to the primary motor brake, all powerheads incorporate a redundant load brake, assuring full-safety backup.
  • Powerheads have higher duty cycles than other manufacturers' as a result of minimal braking pressure and lower brake pad temperatures
  • The hybrid slope drum of the Powerhead operates up to eight lift lines with 50 feet of vertical travel
  • Powerheads incorporate built-in position encoders and limit switches with visual setting indicators for easier and more efficient installation
  • All powerheads have a standard slack line sensor
  • With the use of the Prodigy RACA cable adjuster, up to 17" of dead hung lines can be recovered
  • All systems are built to PLASA/ANSI motorized rigging standard E1.6-1
  • UL Listed