• CueSystem Family Shot

    Never miss an entrance. With CueSystem's plug-and-play network of cue light outstations and controllers, backstage communication is at your fingertips.

    Standby for a smooth show

    CueSystem is a dedicated system of plug-and-play cue lights and controllers that can be adapted to fit the needs of any production or venue. The cue light system connects through any standard, Power-over-Ethernet network, making it seamlessly reconfigurable and expandable.

    Hands-on, direct control

    In its simplest form, CueSystem consists of a series of CueSpider outstations that can be directly operated by a desktop or rack-mount control desk. Using the desk, the stage manager can activate “standby” and “go” commands on each cue light channel, or control multiple channels at once using the master buttons. Users also have the option to acknowledge standby commands at each CueSpider.

    Lighting cues at a distance

    Designed for high visibility at a distance, the large outstations are ideal for circle rails, off-stage wings and more. An optional remote button makes it possible to use the acknowledge function.

    Communication on any scale

    For long-running or larger productions, cue stacks involving multiple cue lights can be preprogrammed using free, downloadable PC software and recalled using dedicated playback hardware. Running a complex show? The theatrical cue light system can be expanded by adding extra control desks and outstations to the network.

    • Your old standby

      Integrate the solutions you previously used in your DIY cue light system with the CueSystem Relay Interface. Using the Relay solution, you can connect any 120VAC peripheral, such as rope lights and cue light baskets, to CueSystem, combining both CueSpider outstations and traditional peripherals in one sophisticated system.