Rental professionals test drive ETC gear at GST showroom

Date Posted: 8/4/2016

Gio at ETC Test Drive

About 30 lighting designers and operators who work with rentals, live events, concerts and beyond packed the GST (Global Show Trade) showroom in Moscow on Tuesday, July 6th, for a hands-on presentation of ETC lighting products. During the ETC Test Drive, they got to experience the latest in LED technology.

ETC Test Drive attendees

With the help of GST staff, ETC Field Project Coordinator Florian Maier and Technical Sales Specialist Vladimir Kraynov kicked off the event with a presentation of the Source Four LED system. Attendees were able to see the flexible light created by Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr, Daylight HD and Tungsten HD arrays

Florian Maier and ETC LEDs

Then Maier and Kraynov demonstrated the budget-friendly ColorSource family . The GST showroom provided the ability to set up a rig with ColorSource PAR and Spot luminaires , all controlled by a ColorSource 40 lighting desk connected to wired and wireless ColorSource Relays and ColorSource ThruPower dimmer racks. 

They followed that with a shootout, showing the performance of the LED fixtures side by side. Then attendees were invited to try out the new equipment, along with Eos Titanium (Ti) and Cobalt lighting-control desks. And the ETC and GST staff were on hand to answer questions and give one-on-one demonstrations. After the product presentations, everyone enjoyed a barbecue and cocktails, while watching the UEFA Euro 2016 match between Wales and Portugal.

ColorSource console at ETC Test Drive

This was the first in a new series of regular trainings that ETC is hosting, including trainings for Eos and Cobalt programmers of all experience levels. To learn about upcoming events, follow ETC on Vkontakte at