GDS ArcSystem fills Wembley Arena with efficient light

Date Posted: 2/13/2015

GDS ArcSystem fills Wembley Arena

The venue

The Wembley Arena in London is one of the UK's premier entertainment destinations and is without doubt an iconic, globally-renowned concert and event venue. Since its opening in 1934 as the Empire Pool, the arena has hosted a plethora of famous artists - from the Beatles to the Rolling Stones; Beyoncé to Muse. Wembley has seen and heard them all.

UK's premier entertainment destinations

The project

Following a major restoration in 2006, Wembley contacted Fagan Electrical for a general technical evaluation as part of the venue's continuing development project. Upon evaluation, Fagan concluded that Wembley needed significant improvements in the way of emergency lighting. From the point of view of Wembley management, the venue also required an efficient and sustainable lighting solution.

Wembley Arena

The solution

The ArcSystem's Pro Eight-Cell luminaires were the ideal fix for Wembley Arena, and entertainment-lighting specialists and GDS dealer White Light Ltd was chosen by Fagan to supply the new system. Altogether, 44 Pro Eight-Cell luminaires, two ArcMesh Transmitters, one One-Button Panel and one Commissioning Tool were specified for the arena. ArcSystem luminaires are ideal emergency lighting fixtures, with their dual inputs, high lumen output, low energy usage and low maintenance. Simon Needle, special projects director of White Light, explains: "The ArcSystem Pro Eight-Cell LEDs brought safety-lighting levels in the arena up to a very impressive level. They were so bright, in fact, that the venue management staff was actually prompted to employ the system as part of the regular houselights, which serves as a testament to their quality and brightness."

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Products used in this project

ArcMesh TransmitterPro Multi-Cell