Pro Four-Cell

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Same high-quality light, different form

The ArcSystem Pro Four-Cell Pendant is a high-output, smooth-dimming luminaire that is the right choice for medium to long throw illumination. The pendant provides the same quality light as the Pro Multi-Cell luminaire, including the option of Fade to Warm technology that mimics an incandescent look. The Pro Four-Cell Pendant's onboard driver means you can easily connect it to your ArcMesh wireless lighting system, or use the DMX inputs and outputs to build an easy-to-use wired DMX system with the option of RDM control. A hard-wired option is also available for 277v applications.

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ArcMesh wireless control

All ArcSystem fixtures with the wireless ArcMesh protocol on-board connect to the network via an onboard driver and the ArcMesh Transmitter, which turns wired DMX into wireless signals. With no extra wiring required, ArcMesh technology saves you time on both new installations and retrofits.