ETC to show new products at WFX 2014

Date Posted: 9/11/2014

Cobalt 10 Lighting Desk

At the WFX tradeshow, October 1 st and 2 nd , in Dallas, Texas, ETC will show a range of lighting and rigging products that can be used in houses of worship of all sizes. ETC's booth - #837 - will also include a soon-to-be-announced line of products that will be joining the ETC family.

Visitors to ETC's stand at WFX will be able to see how ETC's equipment creates a total system that brings artistry and efficiency to any application, including worship services, interior and exterior architectural illumination, special events, pageants, dance and musical performances, television broadcasts and more. 

ETC Smart Solutions budget-friendly gear

Customized lighting systems

Unison® architectural control systems - which will be featured on ETC's WFX stand - can be scaled to fit the budget and individual needs of a house of worship. Unison systems can work in conjunction with ETC's lighting consoles, including Cobalt® 10 , Element™ , SmartFade® and SmartFade ML™ , which will be on display at WFX. The desks can be used for a variety of lighting scenarios, from traditional preprogrammed worship services, to on-the-fly concerts.

ETC will show examples of its award-winning conventional Source Four and Source Four Mini fixtures and Source Four LED™ , Source Four Mini™ LED and Selador® LED luminaires . Also at the show will be ETC's Sensor3™ power-control system , which can be used in even the most complex installation. Sensor3 can handle any lighting load and is future-proofed to meet the challenges of future technology. And there will be a Smart Solutions™ display at WFX, which will highlight budget-friendly lighting gear that is feature-rich yet incredibly easy to use.

Source Four LED Series 2

Dependable rigging systems

ETC will have a section of its WFX booth dedicated to rigging systems. Show attendees can experience the safety and security of ETC Rigging™ equipment, including Prodigy® and EXO hoists , and Foundation® , QuickTouch® and QuickTouch+® control systems. ETC Rigging systems are a smart choice for houses of worship, because they can lower lighting fixtures when lamp replacements are needed, saving maintenance crew from having to set up scaffolding or ladders to reach the lamps.

WFX will be the first show following ETC's acquisition of Vortek rigging products. Guests to the ETC booth can learn about the Vortek product line , including classic , heavy-duty , banner and custom hoists , and Pro Series , E Series , M Series and S Series controllers

Sneak preview

ETC is preparing to announce a new product family, and the WFX tradeshow will be its official unveiling. Visitors will get to see how the new products complement ETC's current product offerings.