ETC to show new products at LIGHTFAIR International

Date Posted: 4/14/2016


Visitors to the 2016 LIGHTFAIR International tradeshow, April 26 th to 28 th , in San Diego, will get the opportunity to see the latest lighting technology from ETC. On stand 5227, ETC will display its trusted architectural lighting-control systems and luminaires, along with new products making their LIGHTFAIR debut, including the Irideon™ FPZ LED framing projector and recent additions to the Unison Echo® family .

Echo Expansion Bridge

Echo system

ETC has been adding new products to the Echo family, increasing the flexibility of the scalable family of architectural-lighting solutions, and helping customers stay ahead of changing energy codes and technology. At the LIGHTFAIR International show, attendees can experience the new EchoAccess mobile app, which transforms iOS and Android devices into controllers for Echo systems. EchoAccess can also wirelessly connect to Echo control systems, enabling configuration and customization of connected controls, sensors and stations. With EchoAccess, users can set light levels; record, set and run presets; and control zones.

At LIGHTFAIR International, ETC will unveil another game-changer in the Echo family. The Echo Expansion Bridge can be used to tie a maximum of four discrete Echo systems together with up to 64 control and output devices. The Echo Expansion Bridge can be integrated with Unison Paradigm® systems, allowing them to control any connected Echo systems. Users are able to monitor and control the lighting for a campus-wide system, while still maintaining local control of smaller, individual spaces. 

Irideon FPZ

Irideon FPZ

Also on ETC's stand will be Irideon™ FPZ, a compact LED framing projector that offers superior optics and advanced features in a sleek housing. The dimmable Irideon FPZ has locking three-plane shutters, allows for DMX and local dimming control, and can be adjusted on site without a technician. It has built-in 25- to 50-degree zoom optics, a rotating barrel, an E-size gobo and pattern slot, and an integrated media holder for gels and diffusers. Producing more than 800 lumens of output, Irideon FPZ comes in 3,000K, 3,000K Gallery (90CRI), 4,000K and 5,000K versions, and is available with a DataTrack® adapter.