ETC to participate in 2017 Theatrical PTU event in Moscow

Date Posted: 5/31/2017

Theatrical PTU logo

Education is at the heart of ETC, and the company is dedicated to training new generations of lighting professionals around the world. That’s why ETC is proud to take part in the third-annual Theatrical PTU program, June 6th through 22nd, at the Na Strastnom Theater Center in Moscow.

ETC ColorSource family

Hosted by the Theater Union of the Russian Federation and the Na Strastnom Theater Center, through a grant from the President’s office, the Theatrical PTU program is centered on educating technicians and increasing their knowledge of lighting, sound and stage technology. The technicians can attend master classes, seminars, lectures and trainings during the 17-day program, in order to bring new skills back to their home theaters. 

Cobalt 20 console

At 7:00pm, on Friday, June 16th, Vladimir Kraynov, ETC technical sales specialist, will kick off ETC’s participation with the acclaimed Fifty Shades of R80 presentation, which will be delivered in Russian for the first time. Fifty Shades of R80 is all about color mixing with LEDs, and covers innovative color features that allow lighting designers to take advantage of LED stagelights’ color capabilities. 

Eos Ti console

Then the attendees will be divided into two smaller groups for closer participation, and will take turns listening to the next ETC sessions. Console trainers Evgeniy Chernykh and Alexander Romanov will lead one of the sessions, where they will demonstrate ETC’s Cobalt and Eos lighting-control systems. Theatrical PTU attendees will have the opportunity to see the technology up close and try out the lighting-control consoles themselves. The other session will be led by Kraynov, who will give an overview of the budget-friendly ColorSource family of lighting equipment, and ETC’s award-winning line of Source Four LED Series 2 luminaires.

ETCnomad Puck mini controller

ETC equipment will also be on display for Theatrical PTU attendees in a demo hall on Thursday, June 8th, and Friday and Saturday, June 16th and 17th. Program participants will be able to experience the bright, tunable light of Source Four LED Series 2 and ColorSource luminaires. They can also get hands-on demonstrations of ColorSource, Eos Ti, and Cobalt 20 lighting-control consoles, along with Motorized Fader Wings, Programming Wings, an ETCnomad Puck mini controller, and ETC networking gear.

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