ETC to illuminate Cine Gear Expo with new products

Date Posted: 6/1/2018

ETC Daylight Gallery at Cine Gear

ETC is set to hit the Cine Gear Expo floor with a range of lighting products perfect for the entertainment and media industry. Among the products to be showcased at ETC’s booth are recently released LED fixtures and multiple lighting consoles. These products have powerful applications in studios, on-location shoots, large soundstages and live productions.

Available as a wash light or as a retrofit for existing Source Four incandescent fixtures, the Source 4WRD Daylight Gallery produces a punchy 5600 K white light with an exceptionally high (95) TLCI. The new LED array’s cooler variant is ideal for television studios and other live events. The Source 4WRD Daylight Gallery can be used with all existing Source Four incandescent fixtures, as well as with the new Source 4WRD PAR and PARNel fixture bodies. 

ETC ColorSource Pearl at Cine Gear

Visitors can also get a close-up look at the new ColorSource® Pearl fixtures. The variable white-light LED array creates an impressive range of color temperatures with LEDs ranging from 2700 K to 6500 K. The color temperature flexibility and simple user interface make Pearl a valuable option for any space that needs variable white light fixtures that won’t break the budget. Pearl is available in the ColorSource PAR, Linear, and Spot form factors.   

ETC ColorSource CYC at Cine Gear

At the show, ETC will also demonstrate how ColorSource CYC breathes new life to back walls. The dedicated cyclorama fixture produces a wide range of smooth, vivid colors using a unique, all-LED, five color mix of red, green, blue, indigo, and lime. Because these fixtures are fanless and all-LED, they consume a fraction of the power of other standard CYC fixtures. With a flicker-free mode, ColorSource CYC provides a flawless look for cameras.

ETC Ion Xe at Cine Gear

A popular choice among studios and events for lighting control, ETC’s Eos® Family will also display new Ion Xe consoles at the Expo. The compact yet powerful console features the same backlit keyboard layout as their larger Eos family siblings, so user workflow can transfer seamlessly from desk to desk. The console enables quick programming of all types of rigs, with a versatile work surface that includes main playback controls, level and rate wheels, four parameter encoders, and the option of 20 built-in faders.

ETC is teaming up with High End Systems during Cine Gear this year. The booth will feature the prevalent Road Hog console showcasing the exciting new v3.9 software.  

All full ETC LED products now hold a 5 year full fixture warranty and 10 year LED array warranty. ETC Source 4WRD products still hold a 3 year warranty. Professionals from ETC will be at booth S103B on Stage 17 to answer questions about these products, warranties and more during the expo.