Source 4WRD LED

Source 4WRD

Watt Reduction Device

Meet the first bona fide, white-light LED
retrofit for the Source Four.

Doing More With Less
How technology growth in entertainment lighting
is requiring less of your budget.

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Advance any full-size, tungsten Source Four ellipsoidal to LED efficiency in seconds, and without special tools.

Same optics, same accessories, same flexibility as a Source Four fixture.

As bright as a 575-watt, extended life HPL lamp.

70% less power, no re-lamping, no-hassle swap out.

Source 4WRD is available in three array variants:

  • 3000K 80CRI or 90CRI (Gallery) - perfect for any venue looking for a warm white light. Available as a full 120V fixture or a retrofit for existing 120V Source Four fixtures.
  • 5600K 90CRI (Daylight Gallery) - ideal for television studios, industrial trade shows, and other live events, this array provides the coolest, and brightest white light in an LED fixture. Works with existing Source Four, Source 4WRD PAR, and Source 4WRD PARNel fixtures.

Note: Source 4WRD is only available for use in countries with 120V power supplies