ETC shines on board Royal Caribbean

Date Posted: 12/8/2015

We Will Rock You

Accommodating up to 1,300 guests, the Royal Theater on the newly built Royal Caribbean International cruise ship Anthem of the Seas is bigger than many of its land-based counterparts. And with over 4,000 passengers on board to impress during the course of each of its cruises, it is important that each show is also technically as impressive. So the cruise line's managers specified ETC Source Four® LED and Desire® LED washlight fixtures , to make sure that what people would find on land, they'll also find at sea.

Anthem of the Seas show

Amptown System Company (ASC) has provided media-technology system-integration in 40 entertainment areas on the cruise ship. Their lighting specialist, Philipp-Sebastian Herbst, says: "As the ship hosts Broadway musicals and Vegas shows, the technical managers wanted to make sure that lighting designers and operators would be comfortable with the equipment - and the ETC Source Four is the de facto standard for a profile lamp in our industry. The ETC Source Four is not only well known, but also has a wide variety of lenses and accessories, both from ETC and from third parties."

With an entirely LED rig - over 40 Source Four LED Series 2 Tungsten HD luminaires, coupled with some full-color Series 2 Lustr®, over 80 Series 1 Lustr+, and 26 Desire D40 Lustr+ fixtures - there was no need for even a single dimmer in the system.

ETC LEDs light Royal Caribbean show

"There is no other light at the moment that is as close to the original Source Four," says Herbst. "The Source Four LED Series 2 is the brightest LED fixture available. The Tungsten version has a high CRI value, and we can achieve vibrant and saturated colors on the Lustr version. Though the LED version is not (yet) as bright as the conventional tungsten lamp, the Series 2, which was used on board the Anthem of the Seas is a big step forward to match up with the traditional version."

In addition to the LED fixtures from ETC, the stage is also lit by around 100 LED moving lights; coupled with the fact that that the technicians on board no longer have to deal with color changers, time consuming and costly maintenance is hugely reduced.

Since all power on board needs to be generated by the ship, power consumption and heat output was a big issue. But - as Herbst points out - the installation gives a power saving of some 75 percent: "On Allure of the Seas, the rig uses 386 amps to power the classic Broadway rig of conventional luminaires and moving lights with discharge lamps. On Anthem of the Seas, the fully lit LED rig demands just 91 amps. Of course, median savings will be even higher, since unlike traditional moving lights, LED fixtures only need power when they are in use."

Royal Theater, Anthem of the Seas

The theater hosts world-class stage shows, including the hit musical We Will Rock You , and is set up for all-day operation, from presentations, games and sales events, to auctions, movie showings and classical music, allowing, according to Royal Caribbean International, a "seamless combination of technology with live performances, graphics and special effects."

Watch this video (© Royal Caribbean International) in which the producer discusses We Will Rock You on Anthem of the Seas

Photos courtesy of Simon Brook-Webb Photography, © Royal Caribbean International