ETC’s Halcyon now available in UK rental markets

Date Posted: 4/18/2023

ETC dealer and leading lighting supplier, White Light (WL) has recently added new ETC fixtures and consoles to its rental inventory including 50 Halcyon Titanium moving lights with Ultra-Bright engines.

The Halcyon range – which consists of the Gold, Titanium and Platinum – is the powerful, latest addition to ETC’s family of automated fixtures. Engineered to fit into any design, these new framing luminaires offer increased output at a reduced cost and weight. Halcyon Titanium outputs at 40,000 lumens and is packed full of features, a big zoom range and a best in class color system. It was selected as a good all-round fixture for WL’s hire stock, meeting a broad range of their client’s requirements for a modern LED moving light.

WL has also invested in ETC’s ColorSource Spot V and Source Four LED Series 3 fixtures as well as Eos Apex 10 consoles and Eos Apex 24K Processors. The Apex consoles are ETC’s powerful, new generation of lighting control which offer cutting-edge technology, new features, and award-winning Eos software. WL plans to use this equipment for many applications in several markets, stating that “the ColorSource Spot V and Series 3 fixtures will support many events, performances, and productions due to their versatility”. 

ETC’s Field Project Coordinator, Matt Cowles comments: “WL has been a fantastic supporter of ETC over the years and we’re pleased that they have decided to continue this by adding to their already impressive selection of Source Four LEDs, Eos consoles and ETC moving lights with the Series 3, ColorSource Spot V, Apex and Halcyon Titanium. Since launching the new Halcyon range of fixtures, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and I am particularly grateful to Dave Isherwood and Stuart Porter for their support, helping us share the fixtures with so many lighting designers. We’re really looking forward to seeing them in use on shows in the very near future.”

WL’s Head of Customer Service, Craig Bennett comments: “It is exciting to be making this investment in our rental stock. I know that these units will be incredibly popular, and we are already hearing a lot of excitement from designers and technical teams. It is great to be investing in ETC as their products are brilliantly designed to meet the needs of many markets and customers, whilst also proving to be reliable and robust for our needs as a rental supplier. These products will be listed on our rental website and are, of course, also available for sale or hire through our Customer Service team.”