ETC Rigging introduces the Prodigy P75 Self Climber

Date Posted: 9/1/2016

Today ETC announced the addition of the Prodigy® P75 Self Climber Hoist to its family of rigging solutions. Consisting of the same technology as all Prodigy hoists, the P75 Self Climber is repackaged in a custom-made, heavy duty TOMCAT® 20.5-inch truss with a Working Load Limit (WLL) of 2,000lbs (900 kg) and vertical travel of 75 feet.

P75 Self Climber

"The P75 Self Climber was developed to meet the needs of a segment of the rigging market that cannot utilized traditional hoist solutions," explains ETC Rigging Product Manager, Nils Becker. "We've basically taken the guts of our P75 Hoist and put it into a truss, designed in partnership with TOMCAT, in order for it to be compatible with any standard TOMCAT 20.5-inch truss." The Self Climber was built to accommodate venues and installations that may have domed or peaked roofs, plaster ceilings, tight spaces and corners, such as historic buildings, houses of worship, theaters, arenas and more.

ETC Rigging's Prodigy line of hoists - including the P75 Self Climber - all contain high-level safety features such as slack-line detection, load cell, load profiling, and dual-brake systems. Every Prodigy hoist comes fully tested and prereeved and the Self-Climber is no exception. "We're very pleased to offer this new solution to our rigging customers, which follows the same high-standards of safety, efficiency and design of all ETC Rigging solutions," concludes Becker.