ETC Rigging debuts in Russia

Date Posted: 6/27/2016

ETC Prodigy P75

For 40 years, ETC has been at the forefront of the lighting industry, manufacturing the highest-quality products that are trusted by professionals worldwide. After years of careful research, the company applied its extensive experience in the entertainment industry to a new market, introducing a line of motorized rigging hoists and control systems to the North American market in 2009. Now ETC's safe, smart and affordable rigging products are available for purchase in the Russian Federation through rigging dealer AO Light SP.

ETC's research led to the development of the user-friendly, easy-to-install ETC Rigging family of products that delivers system-wide control. Groundbreaking Prodigy automated hoists are compact, flexible and offer users a number of models, such as P1 , EXO and P75 , to suit the needs of any venue. Prodigy hoists use patented Compression Tube technology that absorbs and disperses lateral loads, and a unique Prodigy Cable Management system that tucks hoists snugly into shallow plenums, which allows them to fit in places where traditional hoists cannot go. The backbone of any Prodigy system, the Compression Tube simplifies installation and reduces labor costs, thanks to its low weight and the ability to easily snap into mounting brackets.

ETC Prodigy EXO

ETC Rigging also offers custom and heavy-lift Vortek rigging solutions . Vortek NXT is a trusted, standard hoist for performance and utility purposes, available in multiple mounting options and both fixed- and variable-speed versions. Vortek Scoreboard hoists are low speed, high capacity, and can be customized to meet the needs of sports arenas, performance venues, athletic facilities, and more. The Vortek Satellite hoist provides a simple way to hang signage and banners in venues like retail outlets, convention centers, and exhibitions. All hoists are tested at 110 percent of load capacity, come with a three-year warranty, and are backed by ETC's industry-leading technical support. 

ETC Prodigy P75

At the heart of every ETC Rigging system are QuickTouch , QuickTouch+ and Foundation controllers. Built with simplicity in mind, all rigging controllers feature intuitive user interfaces with operational feedback features that include hold-to-run controls, multiple hardwired E-stops , user-generated limits, slackline detection, load profiling, monitoring and reporting. QuickTouch and QuickTouch+ controllers provide control for up to 24 fixed- or variable-speed motors, while the Foundation controller can control a maximum of 48 or 96 fixed- or variable-speed motors. Accessories, such as external E-stops, remote controllers and enable switches, give users the ability to work around limited sight lines, increasing the efficiency and safety of any ETC Rigging system. 

QuickTouch+ family

The entire ETC Rigging product line can be specified by AO Light SP for installations throughout the Russian Federation. "AO Light SP has been our authorized service partner for many years, providing technical support, training, and product demonstrations," says ETC Eastern European Sales Manager Armin Kloss. "Their staff also has an impressive amount of experience installing and servicing stage-machinery systems in Russia and beyond. We have a shared commitment to safe rigging practices, quality products, smooth installation, and the highest-quality customer support, so we're proud to have AO Light SP as our rigging dealer in this region."