ETC at Stage Set Scenery

Date Posted: 6/9/2015

ETC at Stage Set Scenery

ETC is taking two stands at this year's Stage Set Scenery show in Berlin - with one purely to premiere ETC Rigging™ in Europe.

ETC Rigging

ETC Rigging, which can be seen in Hall 2.2, stand number 208, is another layer to our extensive lighting and power-control portfolio. By working with local dealers to provide complete wire-rope winch packages, ETC Rigging is among the easiest to install and most versatile available. This is the first time the product has been available outside the US.

Sold as complete packages, each winch is easily customized, and can lift up to 900kg (1,984lbs). To ensure its integrity, every hoist is individually tested under heavy load at our factory in Wisconsin, and each electrical component examined and checked.

ETC Foundation rigging controller

To go with the new rigging packages are QuickTouch® , QuickTouch+® , and Foundation® controllers, designed to provide simple, direct control of up to 24 individual hoists or comprehensive timed control of up to 48 hoists at a time. 

Source Four LED Series 2 system

In Hall 1.2, stand number 210, ETC's Source Four® LED Series 2 system is the star of our lighting and control stand. The system is made up of Lustr®, Tungsten HD and Daylight HD light engines: Lustr is the full-color powerhouse of the three, emitting a powerful beam that - with its seven-color mixing system - rivals any gelled tungsten fixture in terms of brightness and color balance. Tungsten HD and Daylight HD both produce the kind of high-quality white light which LEDs were previously unable to achieve. The high-frequency output means flicker-free performance for high-definition cameras. The user gets tunable, bright-white light indistinguishable from traditional fixtures, but using a fraction of the power - and without heating the room.

To go with the light engines are a range of accessories to create a complete lighting system, including Source Four LED Fresnel and CYC adapters , nine angles of fixed-focus lenses, and two zoom lenses.

ETC Eos Ti console

Lighting-control desks

Also on ETC's main stand, number 210 in Hall 1.2, demonstrations are available on the renowned ETC Eos Ti® system, which has quickly become standard equipment at theaters across Europe. The powerful Eos operating system, which is also used on Gio® , Ion® and Element™ desks, was specifically designed to be user-friendly to both designers and programmers. Its direct programming syntax allows people to get to the information they need quickly, and allows them to use Magic Sheets or straightforward command sequences.

The Cobalt® 20 lighting-control desk previews new features from the upcoming v7.2 software release, including cue sequences for those who prefer to work that way, targeted recording to a selected master playback, increased action macro commands and the ability to place action macros on the direct selects for direct triggering of actions.

ETC EchoDIN power control system

Power control

The EchoDIN power control system, which will begin shipping soon, is on display alongside Paradigm® and Mosaic® .

EchoDIN is a companion to ETC's popular Sensor®3 and Unison® DRd products, and has today's and tomorrow's lighting needs for theaters, conference centers and more in mind. Its built-in software allows recording and playback of presets based on manual control, timed events and occupancy- or photo-sensor control. A network connection also allows for monitoring of energy usage. 

Paradigm is designed to easily control lighting states across an entire building or campus, enabling energy efficiency by making use of external switches, as well as daylight and occupancy sensors. Mosaic, meanwhile, provides control for complex lighting and AV effects for a complete, automated, lighting show.

ETC is at Stage Set Scenery, Messe Berlin, in Hall 1.2 on stand number 210, and Hall 2.2 on stand number 208, from June 9th through 11th.