Total power control solution

Finally, a standard work- and houselight solution that provides area lighting - for backstage, corridors, offices, shop displays, lobbies and more -- with the same ease and quality of control as entertainment lighting systems. A companion to Sensor®3, FDX3000 and Unison® DRd with Echo systems, the EchoDIN CE system's components support 230V dimming and switching and are easily mountable in new or existing electrical enclosures, providing a flexible power control solution that is ideal for theatres, offices, conference centres, multi-purpose spaces, and cruise ships. EchoDIN CE also supports switching for stage lighting.

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Unlike PLC-based systems, EchoDIN CE comes in standardised and ready-to-go format that doesn't require countless hours of custom engineering and programming. Forty-eight controllable circuits give you the flexibility to mix-and-match from a variety of modules that work best for your lighting control system and venue. EchoDIN CE also conforms to space restraints - all power control modules can be daisy chained together up to 20 metres. EchoDIN CE offers up to 16 presets per space with a maximum eight discrete spaces per space. Advanced control of LEDs and four-wire fixtures is available with EchoDIN CE's DMX and sACN capabilities, which makes integration with entertainment lighting systems easy as can be.

EchoDIN CE's optional Ethernet connectivity allows you to see when a load is connected and generates reports based on regular energy usage. Built-in station, sensor and TimeClock controls allow you to define, record, and play back presets from your Echo Inspire control stations and responsive controls.