Albert Einstein High School installs ETC lighting solution

Date Posted: 7/20/2016

Albert Einstein Gymnasium

The latest lighting technology from ETC has been installed in the main hall of the Albert Einstein High School in Frankenthal, in Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate region. Wolfram Dosch, owner of the company Wolfram Dosch Lichttechnik, equipped the school with a number of ETC LED luminaires, an Ion control desk, and the latest power control and network technology.

The school hall now has a lighting system to rival many small theatres. Moreover, thanks to the latest network technology and a lighting rig - made up of exclusively LED lights - the educational institution is prepared for future developments and many more generations of students. The Mannheim-based Wolfram Dosch Lichttechnik was responsible for the planning and installation of the entire package. "If a school is willing to invest money in the lighting technology of its auditorium, it should be a modern solution using the latest equipment," said Dosch, a longstanding ETC dealer. "The system had to be one that could be relied upon for years to come. It also needed to be user-friendly and easy to learn because, ultimately, the system is operated and maintained by the pupils of the Albert Einstein High School".

Dosch installed an ETC Ion console with 1536 channels for programming, and the Technik AG (technical team) received an ETCnomad dongle that could be used as a backup for the system. "The pupils from the AG really surprised me," says Dosch. "In just the few days between delivery and when I came to install, they had been watching ETC's YouTube videos, the dongle had been properly incorporated into the devices, and already they were able to ask very relevant questions."

Albert Einstein Gymnasium

Dosch specified seven Source Four LED Lustr , 13 Selador Desire D40 Lustr + and eight Selador Classic 42 Lustr fixtures. "Thanks to the x7 Color System, the entire colour spectrum is available," says Dosch. These ETC luminaires deliver both rich colours and a pleasant white light. "So the stage is ready for anything: school assemblies, plays, concerts and much more."

For power control, Dosch installed a Sensor3 dimmer rack with 12 modules, a Unison Echo control system with 10 stored presets, and a Unison Echo Lockout station . For signal distribution Dosch selected the latest network technology: A Net3 Conductor , a DMX RDM Four-Port Gateway and 10 DMX RDM Touring Gateways to send control commands through the LAN network of the auditorium.