CUE Professional Development Conference

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    CUE 2017 Classes Descriptions

  • Identifying System Components

    Trainers: Patrick Stewart + Kat Lanphear
    This course will help you determine the components of your lighting system and how they work in conjunction with each other- from lighting console to dimmer rack to architectural lighting system. We will show you how to identify components and how they are wired together to create the lighting package.

    System Maintenance

    Trainers: David Fox
    Operating a lighting system is one thing, but how do you prevent problems from happening? The key to system longevity is regular maintenance. How do you maintain a lighting system? What are the best practices to follow to take care of the equipment in your venue?  In this session, you will learn how to keep your space and your shows running smoothly by maintaining your fixtures, cleaning power controllers and keeping consoles gunk free. Additionally we will discuss how to develop and execute an annual maintenance program.

    Technical Tips & Troubleshooting Tips

    Trainers: Sasha Aranow + Graham Parker
    Tech Tips and Tricks will give you a head start on troubleshooting even the most complicated system issues. Using knowledge from the factory, years of technical support, and on the job experience we have gathered some tips to get you started when things just aren’t working as expected.
    Troubleshooting can be daunting when you don't know where to start. We'll look at our methodical approaches to problem solving and how to get your show back on track quickly.
    Usually the complicated issues turn out to be really simple, if only you know where to look!

    Dimming Unusual Loads

    Trainers: Mark Penisten + Natalia Lupacheva
    Controlling and dimming LED lighting brings a set of challenges that are still fairly new in our industry.
    Lack of knowledge of this rapidly changing technology can cause apprehension and at times very bad experiences.
    This class will focus on those challenges and ways to tackle them. We will discuss the following:

    • Dimming background
    • Control options
    • The components of LED lighting fixtures and systems
    • User problems
    • ETC’s role in responding to this method of lighting

    Update Yourself on Updates

    Trainers: Chris Stokes
    It can be confusing where, when, and how to update the components in your system and all of their available software and features.  From a single fixture to large systems have no fear- ETC will help you find your way through it all. This class will cover the basics of what can be updated and the many ways you can apply said updates. The methods and the reasons for software updates on various system components will also be covered.  You too can be running the latest and greatest software and firmware to get the most out of your hardware.