CUE Professional Development Conference

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    CUE 2017 Classes Descriptions

  • A Million Ways to Trigger Your Eos

    Trainers: Josh Selander + Hans Hinrichsen          
    This class will be a hands-on course that will teach attendees how to remotely trigger their consoles with OSC, SMPTE, UDP, Contact Closures, MIDI Notes, and OSC.

    Cobalt Roundtable for v8

    Trainers: Sarah Clausen + Kirk Starks 
    Got Cobalt questions? Want to see what’s coming in version 8.0.0 software? These sessions let you talk with the experts about whatever you want to know about Cobalt. Effects still not as clear as you’d like them to be? Working with multi-cell fixtures and want to know the best practices? Just curious to know more about Cobalt? Bring a list of the things you’d like to learn about and we’ll do our best to ensure we cover everything.

    CueSystem: Run Your Show like a Boss

    Trainers: Chris Patton + Erin Giblin

    With CueSystem, you’ll never miss an entrance! Stage-management professionals worked with ETC and GDS to solve the problem of not having a simple and reliable cue-light system on the market, resulting in the flexible CueSystem. Join Chris Patton and Erin Giblin for this session, where you can take a close-up look at CueSystem’s hardware and experience how easy it is to use as a simple, networkable cue-light tool for small, one-night shows. You’ll also see how you can take advantage of its advanced programming features that are capable of controlling even the largest Broadway productions.

    DMX Unplugged: How to Get Over Your Fear of Wireless DMX

    Trainers: Erin Giblin + Ned Keitt-Pride
    Have you thought that wireless DMX looks like a great tool but are nervous about its reliability? In this introductory session, we hope to set your mind at ease and give you the confidence to take advantage of the creative opportunities wireless DMX presents. This class will cover:
    • A brief introduction to radio theory, including how to decipher the 2.4 gHz spectrum
    • How to set up your system without receiving or causing interference
    • Future proofing your system
    • An interactive setup of a wireless DMX system, including a demonstration of the ETC ColorSource Relay
    • Tips for troubleshooting common problems

    Fireside Chat: Programming Music on Eos

    Trainers: Nick Gonsman + Louis Malagrino + Ryan Phillips + David Kane + Ziggy Jacobs-Wyburn + Josh Selander
    Want to know how some of the best programmers in the world approach lighting music on Eos family consoles?  Come join us for this after-hours fireside chat where five programmers will each show us their methods for music-based performances.

    Free Money for LEDs! 

    Trainers: Chris Patton + Jenn Christenson     

    How to get somebody else to pay for your new LEDs? This presentation is aimed at anybody looking to secure financial assistance for upgrading the efficiency of their building.
    In this session we will explain the basics of why many power companies want to part with funds to pay for an upgrade and the various criteria they look for when deciding whether or not to make a potential award. We will cover the resources that ETC can provide to accompany an application along with some brand new tools to present a financial case to a customer on why they should proceed with an LED lighting installation. We will also be discussing some real life installations of ETC product where the venue have made successful applications for funding.

    Introduction to Lightwright

    Trainers: John McKernon + Josh Selander + Nick Gonsman
    This hands-on class will introduce the fundamentals of how to use the Lightwright software.

    Using Lightwright with Eos Family Consoles

    Trainers: John McKernon + Josh Selander + Nick Gonsman
    This hands-on class will discuss how use Lightwright with Eos family consoles. 

    The ColorSource Console Story: How I programmed a show in less than an hour

    Trainers: Chris Stokes + Rob Crane + Sarah Clausen
    This hands on class will teach you everything you need to know about your ColorSource Console.  We will cover patching, operating LED and moving lights, how to record cues, memories, sequences, and much more!  Attendees will program a complete show from scratch.

    Lighting and Music and Images, Oh My!  ColorSource AV Console Does it All!

    Trainers: Chris Stokes + Rob Crane
    A continuation of The ColorSource Console Story, this class will cover everything From A to Z… or at least from A to V.  ColorSource AV Consoles add additional layers of functionality, including audio and image output, networking capabilities and even remote control.  Attendees should attend The ColorSource Console Story or already have a working knowledge of ColorSource Console basics.

    Using QLab with Eos

    Trainers: Hans Hinrichsen + Jim Uphoff      
    This class will be an interactive case study of a game show setup using a QLab and Eos Family integrated system.