CUE Professional Development Conference

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    CUE 2017 Classes Descriptions

  • Fixtures: Those things in my Eyes are bright

    Trainers: Tom Littrell + Jenn Christenson
    Some actors crave it, others can’t seem to find it. The fixtures that output your stage illumination are the core component of every lighting design. Explore a bit of history, vocabulary, and subtlety – all of which can have a major impact on what your audience ultimately sees. We will have hands on time with some of the latest ETC fixtures and learn how to incorporate new technologies with our tried and true design methods.

    Power Control: Watt’s Up with that

    Trainers: Tom Barthel-Steer + Stephen Wilson
    Take a tour through the past, present, and future of power control in entertainment lighting systems. Learn about the basics of power engineering, why we control power in lighting systems, what the transition to LED lighting means for power control, and what that mysterious large buzzing box in your electrical room actually does.

    Consoles: You're in Control

    Trainers: Josh Selander + Spencer Lyons
    Ever try to explain tracking? Dimmer or channel? What does that red or blue number mean? How do I make the lights chase across the stage? An introduction to the terms, definitions, and data philosophy we use in lighting control and best practices while working in the theatre. Using simplified materials we’ll demonstrate various methods to use in your own classroom to help explain how lighting consoles store and play back data.

    Why Did the Data Cross the Cable?

    Trainers: Erin Giblin + David Fox 
    Let’s explore the different ways to get from 0 to 1! You’ve picked out your lights, your power controls, and your console... now, how does all of this equipment communicate with each other? This session will explore the literal and figurative ins and outs of DMX, RDM, and network protocols. Hands on lab will include configuring a gateway, using Concert software, and much more.

    It’s Alive! The Circuit is Complete, Now Let’s Keep it That Way

    Trainers: Matt Carroll + Matt Pumplin
    You created a monster and it’s time to take responsibility for it! Now that you are familiar with the different sections of your lighting system, we will put all the pieces together. This final class will take you through how the system components affect one another, discuss basic system upkeep, and learn what you can fix yourself and when to call for help. In the lab we will troubleshoot real life situations with varying degrees of difficulty.