Eos Family Learning Series

  • Level 2 Enhanced Skills for Eos Family Software

    Build on the basics for better programming

    Ready to move beyond the basics with your Eos family console? Build the skills you need to take your programming to the next level. Going beyond the Essentials training, Level 2 will get you going with additional features and functions of your console and get you on your way to programming like a pro.

    Most of the videos on this page were created using v2.9 software. There are a few videos updated with changes from v3.2. The current workbooks are written for v3.2. If familiar with the software, you might check out the v3.2 Software Introduction video for an overview of everything new.

    After completing this level, you’ll be able to:

    • Edit device attributes
    • Understand display layouts and workspaces
    • Record and recall Snapshots
    • Create more elaborate Groups
    • Be more effective using Submaster properties
    • Record and recall Palettes and Presets
    • Use Direct Selects
    • Take advantage of Discrete Times and Multipart cues
    • Understand and use Auto-Mark, Update and other cue attributes
    • Create and use Relative and Absolute Effects
    • Create and use a basic Magic Sheet

  • Explore Eos Family products

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