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    Intensives Color Control

    Eos Intensives are a new training initiative which focus on a specific console feature. In this case advanced Color Tools as feature and we will do a deep-dive into this function, covering them in greater detail than in the regular Eos console training classes.

    Metamerism as a powerful tool and new calibration tools released in software version 3.2

    We will explore the different workspaces that will give you the best control over your LEDs. We will examine the different color spaces and filter choices and discuss why the results of your choices may differ from your expectations. 

    In this training course, you will learn the practical tools you need to work quickly and efficiently with multi-emitter LED arrays.

    You should have a good foundation knowledge of the Eos operating system and syntax before attending these sessions.

    To refresh your knowledge of Eos, we recommend our online courses: Eos für Anfänger und Eos für Fortgeschrittene

    Limited number of participants! Training duration 9:30 - 17:00. The training is free of charge. Registrations will be considered as they are received. For questions and information, please contact us directly at +49 (0)8024 47 00-0

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