P2 300/600/900

  • P2-300/600/900 Map
    *Maps are for reference only. Please contact your local sales team for specific product needs in each region.

  • If you thought that the safety, convenience, and flexibility of an automated hoist system were out of reach because of the size of your budget or your venue, think again. Available as 300, 600, and 900 kg variants.

    Family values

    ETC is proud to be an employee-owned company and the core features of P2 hoists reflect our personal commitment to safety and innovation.
    • Sloped drum technology supporting up to eight 5 mm lift lines with 15 m of vertical travel in an incredibly compact frame
    • Compact footprint resulting in line set spacing as low as 19 cm
    • Our revolutionary compression tube technology can be used to eliminate lateral loads on building structure and provide drop locations independent of beam spacing
    • We believe maximum safety should not require extra investment, so we include load cells, slackline detection, positioning encoders and a secondary load-arresting device as standard on our hoists

    Easy does it

    P2’s smaller size and available compression tube system make for quick, efficient installation - so easy that two people can manage it in record time! With multiple mounting options available, P2 can fit nearly anywhere in nearly any venue. ETC’s package hoists are designed to be self-contained minimizing the amount of work needed on site. Each hoist just needs mains power and a single data cable. Say goodbye to large unwieldy motor control cabinets, and electricians installing hundreds of meters of cabling.

    As an added bonus, ETC keeps Prodigy hoists in stock so not only is installation fast, the time from order to delivery to commissioning is too.

    Clean cable management

    ETC offers several unique cable management solutions for use with Prodigy P2 hoists:
    • The Prodigy Cable Management System is an incredibly sleek combination of low-profile circuit and data distribution and cable management that minimizes required dead hang and eliminates unsightly cable swag. Perfect for front-of-house positions as well as stage electrics
    • ETC’s Helix Cable Management pairs perfectly with ColorSource Raceway to provide compact, lightweight power and data distribution designed for modern LED lighting rigs
    • Traditional Cable Management is anything but traditional. ETC Prodigy Hoists were designed to interface with traditional cable cradles with looms of SO cable. Single, double, even quadruple cable cradles can be stacked into a single assembly, and all raised and lowered in-sync with the batten

    Fully tested

    Every Prodigy hoist is tested under full load before it leaves the factory. All electrical and electronic connections, lift-line integrity and terminations, limit-switch functions, operation switches, and other components are tested by ETC factory technicians. Each hoist receives final inspection by quality managers before the equipment is packaged and shipped and are pre-certified by TÜV SÜD to make your final inspection even quicker and easier.

  • Prodigy Compression Tube – Access your building’s potential. ETC’s innovative Prodigy compression tube snaps quickly and easily into place, absorbing the lateral loads placed on building steel and supporting drop blocks anywhere along its length making rigging possible in places where it might not otherwise be.

    • If your building steel is not strong enough to handle the lateral loads imposed by a rigging system, ETC compression tube eliminates that stress
    • If your beams are not arranged in a way that is suitable for lift line placement, compression tube enables drops to be placed where they are needed

    Compression Tube Mounting Brackets - Access to easy.
    Smart ‘snap-in’ design provides secure installation in a fraction of the time.

    Prodigy RACA - Access your space.
    ETC’s Right Angle Cable Adapters (RACAs) take only seconds to adjust-even under full load-and save up to 400 mm of required dead hang height compared to traditional turnbuckles.

    Prodigy Sloped Drum - Access to power.
    A revolutionary drum design dramatically reduces the size and weight of ETC’s motorized winches, providing up to 900 kg of lifting capacity in a package 1/3 the size of comparable machinery.

    ETC Factory Testing - Access to peace of mind.
    Every hoist we ship is tested under full load by ETC factory technicians to ensure that we deliver equipment you can rely on from the moment it arrives.