Rigging Cable Management

  • Traditional Cable Management

    Keep the best of your existing system; add the best of the new.

    When you already have functional stage electrics in your venue, the traditional way may be the best way to manage circuit distribution to your stage electrics. ETC Prodigy Hoists were designed to interface with traditional cable cradles with looms of SO cable. Single, double, even quadruple cable cradles can be stacked into a single assembly. A hoist-operated lift line can be single or double purchased to manage traditional cable-management systems.

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    Light Lab: Designer Salon

    Attractive organization

    This budget-friendly cable management solution is supported by all ETC hoists. If you’re looking for additional conductors, multiple Helix Cable Management devices can be integrated with a single hoist. With support of up to 50 feet / 15 meters of vertical travel, Helix will quickly become your top choice for cable management. Includes up to six 20 A circuits per Helix, and one DMX or Ethernet cable connection.


    The only UL-LISTED pantographs in the industry.

    ETC manufactures the only UL-LISTED pantographs available, ideal for stage, studio, houselights and emergency circuits. Each compact system is able to distribute up to 16 circuits of 20-amp power. More than one pantograph can be mounted on a hoist. The pantograph neatly collects the wiring and folds it into a stack only 30" high, with no width restrictions. The pantograph is also designed to meet NEC standards for cable bending and ventilation. Originally designed for use with the houselight distribution trough, this pantograph has been adapted for traditional stage-distribution troughs as well.

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    Prodigy Cable Management

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    Go where no other cable management can

    Our patented Prodigy Cable Management technology allows hoists to go where others can’t. By fully integrating circuit and data-distribution into a single flat cable, hoists can retract into 30 inches of space, tucking neatly into shallow plenums. This enables our hoists to be placed in existing structures with minimal ceiling-height clearance, such as in front-of-house applications. The custom lay-flat cables create a clever feed system that not only maintains a low profile, but eliminates the unsightly cable swags and electrical derating typical of other cable management systems.