Height Adapter Brackets

Height Adapter Brackets

Not all structures are the same. Our rigging technology adapts to yours.

Our smart adapter technology gives installers flexibility during installation and ensures that the rigging system is properly leveled. ETC has developed a series of rigid adapters that allow our Prodigy Powerheads and Compression Tubes to align vertically in structures where rigging might not otherwise align. These height-adapter brackets provide the rugged solution to vertical misalignment like uneven beams or a sloped overhead structure. They are fabricated in ½" increment differentials from ¾" to 5 ¾". The right height.When the mounting height in a facility is not known or varies, ETC's Powerhead and Compression Tube adapters can be suspended via Grade 5 (B7) threaded rod.  

Click the "Bracketology" button below to download the ETC height adapter and strut adapter worksheet. When the building structure is properly aligned but there are height differentials between support members adjustments up to 6" can be made with height adapter brackets from the following group. Select the adapter based on orientation and height by clicking through the parts. The part numbers are shown in the selection window.