Foundation Handheld Remote 2

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FHHR Handheld Controller

The Foundation Handheld Remote 2 gives you the flexibility to control your foundation system from a distance. Use as a client to your existing Foundation HD system or your Foundation Desk to manually move hoists, program and playback presents, and playback cues. 

Designed for performance venues with a large complement of hoists, motorized acoustic devices and curtains, Foundation Handheld Remote 2 controls up to 48 axes when used with a Foundation HD or Desk and as many as 192 axes when used with a Foundation Server system. 

Foundation Handheld Remote 2 connects to any one of multiple control locations with seamless, on the fly handover between controllers. Additional line-of-sight flexibility can be achieved through the use of the optional Remote Go Pendant, and external E-Stop stations

  • Provides control for up to 48 axes with Foundation HD or Foundation Desk
  • Provides control up to 192 axes with Foundation Server
  • Full color 7" multi-touch screen
  • Recall & record presets
  • Manual control of motors, including variable speed control
  • Status information of hoists and system
  • Hard wired Deadman and E-Stop circuits